Increase Body Mass With These Four Diet Tips

Are you looking to increase body mass, grow in size, and build muscle? That's great. I'm here to help you build mass and develop that physique of your dreams.

By following these four diet tips. You can easily increase body mass in a short amount of time.

4 Diet Tips to Increase Body Mass

These simple diet tips will help you properly build mass.

1. Eat a Caloric Surplus

It's important for you to have a caloric surplus if you want to build mass. This means you should be eating more calories than your body requires to maintain it's current body weight.

The key is: you can only gain weight if you eat more calories then your body burns.

Being in a caloric surplus creates an environment where the body is allowed to grow. This creates an ideal atmosphere for muscles to adequately recover and repair itself.

Having a surplus of quality foods gives the muscle tissues the extra nutrients it needs to grow bigger and stronger, helping increase muscular size.

2. Eat Frequently

It's important to create an eating schedule. You need to be eating consistently 4-6 quality meals a day. These meals should spread out 3-4 hours between meals throughout the day.

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By eating frequently and keeping a schedule, you help keep your body in an anabolic state. This is definitely the state you want to be in if your looking to increase body mass.

Feeding the body every couple hours will help the muscles absorb the greatest amount of nutrients and keeps the body properly fueled.

3. Eat Whole-Foods

The foods you need to concentrate on would be whole-food based. That means the bulk of your nutrition 80-90% needs to come from natural food sources, not supplements, or other type of weight gainers.

Although muscle building supplements, such as weight gainers do help satisfy your caloric needs and gives you those extra calories. These should be used as a supplement, and only a supplement.

Focus on eating whole-foods more often. Examples would include good sources of protein, complex carbohydrates, etc.

These foods are excellent sources because they're more nutrient dense and provides different types of vitamins and dietary fibers that supplements seem to lack.

4. Increase Carb Intake

Another easy way to increase body mass is to increase your carbohydrate intake. Carbs are the body's preferred source of energy. And by increasing your intake, you allow the body to use those energy sources to help fuel muscle tissues.

This is especially important for post-workout nutrition. This is where the body needs quick action carbs the most. And by increasing carb intake, you can feed the muscles quickly.

Carbs can be easily introduced by eating well-balanced meals. Choosing a combination of simple to complex carbs will give the body an array of carbs to burn.

And eating low glycemic foods like brown rice will keep you feeling fuller and is slow digesting, helping feed the body throughout the day.

Bottom Line

The take home message here is: to increase body mass, you need to follow those four simple nutrition tips.

These are very easy to implement and the benefits are well worth it.

By implementing these strategies to your diet. You will likely see the quickest results possible. It's important to feed the body right, especially if your looking to build mass and grow your muscles.